Client Needs

Shop!, the trade association focused on enhancing retail environments and experiences, hosts an annual Hall of Fame ceremony honoring the top leaders in retail who have dedicated their professional lives to advancing the industry.  To tell the story of each inductee Shop! was looking to create videos for each of the inductees.

Target Audience

International in scope, Shop! has a membership of more than 1,400 companies includes leading manufacturers, brands, retailers, agencies, and retail design firms.

Creative Inspiration

The creative challenge for these series of videos was two-fold. First, was ensuring that the inductees were able to capture footage of themselves if they weren’t able to contract out a professional videographer. Second, was amassing enough creative and visual assets to truly bring their unique experiences and history to life on the big screen.

Being able to work with each inductee to write a compelling biography and combining that with interview footage and supplemental personal photography allowed for unique videos to be produced that reflected the personality and experience of the inductee being honored.


Series of Videos

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