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RE:DESIGN helps clients be true to what matters. That can mean combating brand complexity, unraveling knotty problems, launching new or renewed offerings, reaching tough audiences, managing messages or simply simplifying.

We’re connecting businesses to people.


Technically, we’re B2B and B2C experts. But really, we excel with B2P (business-to-people). We understand the emotional drivers behind people’s behavior that connects them to brands and businesses. Our range of B2B, B2C and nonprofit clients gives us a fresh perspective on every project.



Imagining Change For Good


At RE:DESIGN, giving back isn’t just a notion—it’s a mission. Creativity has power, and we use it to help shape positive change in our community. Through our Inkblot initiative, RE:DESIGN contributes our skills, time, funding and, occasionally, sweat to organizations that are making our city better.

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