Client Needs

Jackson Heating and Air Conditioning provides a full range of heating and air conditioning services to residents throughout the Jackson, TN metro area. Their goal is to create safe, comfortable and energy-efficient homes year round for their customers.

Target Audience

As homeowners age and have more income, their desire to improve their home’s comfort increases. In fact, energy efficiency was one of the top reasons for improvements in 2015 according to a consumer study. In the study, one in 10 homeowners wanting to replace an old a/c unit with a new one did so to improve air quality, and more than two in 10 wanted to improve comfort. Forty-five percent wanted a more efficient product to reduce utility bills.

Of the current homeowner market, approximately 57 percent are 45 and older. This demographic are among some of the recession’s strongest survivors. Many want more comfort for less cost in their homes, and can pay for the upgrade.

Creative Inspiration & Results

After deploying a new responsive template, Jackson saw great lifts in engagement metrics. With the first send of the new template, they realized a 20% increase in click through rate. Additionally, as a measurement of sustained success, after six months of sending the new template, the average for click through rate was besting the previous by 21%. Finally, when combined with Jackson’s ongoing efforts to create more engaging content, we have dramatically improved our click through rate when comparing the last send of the old template and the last send in our initial testing period: click through rate has increased 112%, from 5.92% to 35.21%


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